Pray Without Ceasing Class


Do you ever feel the need to talk to God, but are not sure what to say?  Or have you been meaning to spend more time in conversation with Him, but the day just slips away and you feel like you've missed out on it again?  You are not alone!  Many believers, both young and old, sometimes struggle with this issue.  As life gets busier and busier, discovering how to stay in constant contact with the Lord is even more important!

In this class, one of three new classes that meets on the first Wednesday eveining of every month at 7 pm, you will learn how to become comfortable praying, and what praying without ceasing means along with how to achieve a praying mindset.    As your prayer life developes and deepens, you will be amazed at the changes it brings to your life and enjoy the comfort  of being continually in touch with the Savior!


Class Facilitators are Clark and Harlene Atkins. 

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